RSPB Wildlife Action Award

Through our partnership with the RSPB, your Drey can gain the RSPB Wildlife Action Award (WAA). To gain the Bronze level you need to complete 6 activities:

  • Minibeasts Close-Up - go on a minibeast hunt and try to identify what you find.
  • Go Birdwatching - why not use this 'Spot it! Birds & Mammals' sheet to help you identify what you see.
  • Where Minibeasts Live - try making the area around where your Drey meets a great place for minibeasts to live.
  • Feeding Birds & Other Wildlife - putting food out for birds encourages them to visit the area near you meeting place or the Squirrels' own gardens.
  • Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle - across the world, more and more wildlife habitats ae being destroyed to make things for people, much of which ends up as rubbish in landfil sites! Do your bit to help save the planet by reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • Male a Display or Get in the News - tell people about wildlife in an eyecatching way by putting up a display in your meeting place or spread the word by getting some coverage in the local press.

Once all the 6 activities have been carried out, complete the Wildlife Action Award Log and entry form with a list of all the Squirrels who took part (this is so that they can each get an idividual certificate and sticker) and email to Karen Sheil at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. putting 'WAA Submission' and your Squirrel Drey name in the subject field.

RSPB NI SMILE badge resource pack

The RSPB Northern Ireland (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is passionate about getting children closer to nature.  The NI Squirrel Association is delighted that the RSPB has created an exciting range of fun, educational activities to support our SMILE badges and encourage Squirrels to be outdoors discovering how to help nature!

Karen Sheil, RSPB Educational Development Officer has developed these resources and tailored seasonal activities to fit the 4 SMILE badges - I'm active, I'm learning, I'm friendly and I'm caring!  If you would like further advice contact Karen on 02890491547 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please let Karen know how many SMILE badges you have awarded through using the RSPB resources and the number of children/adults who have been involved in the various RSPB activties!

Click below for RSPB resources - Help Red Squirrel's Friends - SMILE badge support resource pack




Spot It! Minibeasts


RSPB Wildlife Action Awards

Hedgehog Stories


Squirrel SMILE Badges

The Squirrel SMILE Badge scheme was launched around Northern Ireland in November 2014 and January 2015. The badge scheme is based on the Aim of the NI Squirrel Association.  The badge booklet outlines the Squirrel SMILE Badge scheme and the criteria for each badge.

'give a smile get a smile'

Squirrel SMILE Badge booklet

The Northern Ireland Squirrel Association greatly appreciates the funding of this badge scheme by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.

Squirrel Association Appointment Procedure

Please click on the links below for instructions/handouts.

All adults volunteering with the NI Squirrel Association must hold a current AccessNI disclosure certificate.  Squirrel Leaders, Assistant Squirrel Leaders, Drey Regular Helpers and Occasional Helpers must have their ID checked by the GSL of the Scout Group to which the Drey is affliliated and complete the Adult Application form.  Support material is available below.

AccessNI must be renewed every 5 years - a reminder will be issued by the Scout Office.  The Identity Validation form is available below.

Invitation letter (for GSLs to send new Leaders)

NI Squirrel Association Adult Application (AA) form

Access Identity Validation form