Photographing & video recording events

The Northern Ireland Scout Council has prepared a briefing note giving advice about photographing and video recording Scouting events and Child Protection.

  These guidelines can also be applied to Squirrel events.  Drey Essentials - A guide to running a successful Squirrel Drey has a sample membership and essential information form which should be completed by a parent/guardian when a new child joins your Drey.  This form seeks permission for photographs to be taken during Squirrel activities.  It is good practice to add this photographic permission clause to certain event forms, especially where photographs may be taken by the press or the NI Squirrel Association for publicity purposes as occassionally parents'/guardians' circumstances or opinions may change.

The NI Scout Council briefing note includes a suggested permission form which could be adapted for your own use, if desired.

Briefing note