Members of the Scout Network are between 18 and 25 years years old and have actively decided to be member of the section. As a member of the Scout Network you could also be: 

a Leader with another Section

a Helper of Skills Instructor

a member of the Scout Fellowship

a member in another capacity

Local Networks, can be based at County, District or Group; some may be focused around a specific activity or location, e.g. Gang Show, Activity Centre, climbing or canoeing.

Explorer Belt

Explorer Belt

Not quite sure what an Explorer Belt is?  Thinking how hard can it be to get an item of clothing to hold up your trousers?  The Explorer Belt is a life-changing experience through which you are imersed in another culture for 10 days in a small group.

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Network Development Areas

cratedebate2The Network programme is designed so that every Scout Network Member has the opportunity to participate in a Balanced Programme, which also allows members to experience a wide range of activities.

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There are three top awards for the Scout Network Section, and for each of the top awards there are common elements which must be completed to increasing levels of demand.

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