NISC Annual Report

Click here to download the Northern Ireland Sout Council Annual Report for the year ended 31st March 2016, as approved at the NISC Annual General Meeting on 28th September 2016.



Appointments Procedure

Adding an Adult to Compass and the Access NI Procedure
Please click on the links below for instructions/handouts.

Handout 1 - Invitation Letter
(For GSLs to send to New Leaders)

Handout 2 - Information Form

(For GSLs to send to Appointments Secretary after adding a new Leader to Compass and carrying out their AccessNI online application)

GSL Checklist

GSL and Appointments Secretary Training - Click here for Powerpoint slides

Disclosure Rechecks

Click here for the Procedure for Group Scout Leaders for

  • finding out which Leaders in their Group require an AccessNI Recheck
  • arranging to meet with them, and
  • carrying out their AccessNI online Application

Invitation letter (for GSLs to send to Leaders requiring a recheck)

Rechecks Information Form (for GSLs to send to Appointments Secretary)


A Million Hands

A Million Hands, part of our Community Impact strategic objective, is making great progress but needs your help to ensure that sectional leaders, Group Scout Leaders and anyone involved in the programme are aware and have registered their interest at to communicate and encourage this into their 2015/16 programme and to use the A Million Hands website and get involved in Scout Community Week.



What is A Million Hands?

For over a hundred years we have promised to help other people. Making a positive impact on communities is part of our DNA. But imagine what we could achieve if we rallied behind the same causes.

Read more: A Million Hands

Adult Training Latest News

Please have a look at the Training page for the Latest News on Adult Training.

Information just posted today on the New Management Training.

Meet the Challenge!

We offer a varied programme of activities and progressive training to young people throughout Northern Ireland.  We aim to help young people develop their true potential.

Scouting aspires to make a positive contribution to society by helping young people to develop as active members of the community who:

  • are self-reliant
  • are caring
  • are responsible
  • show commitment

To make this possible will you give just £1 per week to help us help young people in Northern Ireland make the most of their lives through Scouting?

NIjam 2017

See international page for current news on NIjam 2017